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Governance Overview

Last updated 4 November, 2022

Chairman’s Introduction – Chris Stibbs, Non-Executive Chairman
The Directors of Tremor International Ltd recognize the importance of high standards of corporate governance and have adopted the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code (the “QCA Code”), in-line with AIM requirements.

The Board believes that good corporate governance reduces risks within the business, promotes confidence and trust amongst its stakeholders and is an important part of the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s management framework. As Chairman, I take seriously the responsibility of monitoring the performance of the Board, its committees and that of the individual directors, while providing overall leadership to the Board and acting as a liaison between the Board and senior management as well as representing the interests of shareholders. This is particularly important as we continue to rapidly expand our operations and implement our strategy to maintain a leading position in the fast-changing ad-tech industry.

The QCA Code includes ten broad principles that Tremor International strives to implement in order to deliver growth to its shareholders in the medium- and long- term. How the Board complies with the principles of the QCA Code can be found in Tremor International QCA Principles Compliance. Further updates on the company’s compliance will be provided on an annual basis and in our next annual report. The QCA Code can be found on the QCA’s website:

Tremor International has an audit committee, a remuneration committee and a nomination committee with formally delegated rules and responsibilities.

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